Health & Safety

Health & Safety

With a heightened sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, we are happy to announce the reopening of Rodian Gallery apartments on June 15th

The reopening of our apartments will take place with the following adjustments:

  1. Cleaning-Disinfection
  • Deep cleaning of all areas.
  • Intensification of cleaning and disinfection frequency.
  • Intensification of cleaning and disinfection in ventilation and air conditioning filters.
  • Natural and intensive ventilation in all areas.
  • More regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets (and its equipment) of guests and staff, with appropriate chemicals.
  • Use of wipes or spray with disinfectant and microfiber cloths with color separation, which are washed properly and regularly. For fabric items (seats) steam cleaning after each use.
  • Dispenser with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in key places for guests.


  1. Personal Hygiene and Health
  • Training of all staff in preventive measures, personal hygiene and the new way of working
  • Use gloves & mask. Frequent change of these in an obvious way to our guests.
  • Dispensers with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in the workplace of all staff.
  • Training the staff for recognition and management of Covid-19 case based on Health Protocols.


  1. Keeping Distances
  • Floor marking for keeping distances in both common areas and workplaces.
  • Marking distances
  1. Continuous information and compliance with Health Protocols

Rodian Gallery apartments closely monitoring and complying with the new directives of the Health Protocols.

The Decision No. 1881 / 29.05.2020 (Government Gazette B ‘2084) of the Ministers of Health and Tourism defined the special health protocols on the basis of which all tourism companies should operate until the end of 2020, with which the hotel Rodian Gallery hotel apartments has fully complied with and registered on the website of the hotel chamber of Greece the data and health conditions that govern its operation according to the government decisions